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elizabeth kracht

Elizabeth Kracht

Elizabeth Kracht

My career in publishing took root in Puerto Rico where I moved with the high ideal of sitting on the beach writing—cuba libre in hand—like Hunter S. Thompson did so many years before me. I had the sense that Puerto Rico would be good for my writing. And it was.

While in Puerto Rico I completed my BA in English and worked as a copyeditor for an English-language newspaper. It had never occurred to me that working with others' writings would be as fulfilling to me as working on my own. Through my work experience in Puerto Rico I knew I would always be happy if I was working with words.

When I returned to the mainland U.S. I found my "vein of gold" in book publishing. I completed two concurrent internships. The first was with Hunter House Publishers—now an imprint of Turner Publishing—specializing in the areas of self-help, health, sexuality and relationships, personal growth, and more. The second internship was with literary agency Kimberley Cameron & Associates (KC&A). Internships complete, I was offered positions by both companies though KC&A was a better, long-term fit for me.

In addition to my work as a literary agent with KC&A, I have worked as a freelance developmental editor for She Writes Press—and through other mediums—where some of the projects I've worked on have won awards or have placed in book award contests. I have participated in countless writers conferences, both domestic and international, and I was a founding member of the Kauai Writers Conference and Reputation Books.

On a personal note, I have lived in metropolitan cities such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. I currently live in Tiburon, CA, where I'm surrounded by Northern California beauty 24/7. I have a long history of sports, meditation, and animal rescue in my background.

In my function as a literary agent, I cannot represent any author whose book I have been paid to work on, though I can make referrals.